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Welcome to Noble Laboratories

Welcome to Noble Laboratories


GC Promo Week!

Starts Sunday 06/07/2014 at 22.30pm and expires Thursday 09.00am GMT!! May end sooner if volume orders exceed our expectations! (They always do!)

Been a little while since we ran on our promo’s, so here it is!!

**Spend £250 GBP and get a free vial of Test Prop and free shipping!

**Spend £350 GBP and get 10% off, a free vial of Test Prop, a free tub of Dbol 10, and free shipping!

**Spend £400 GBP and get 15% off, a free vial of Test Prop, a free vial of TNE, a free tub of Dbol 10 and free shipping!

**Spend £500 GBP and get 20% off, and:

1 free vial of Test prop

1 free vial of TNE

1 free tub Dbol 10

1 free tub Winstrol 10

FREE SHIPPING!!! That is £100 GBP of free goods and a further saving of £100 GBP on the order, a £200 saving on a £500 order!!!!

Promo not valid on HGH products!!

This is a thank you to all our customers  for your continued business and support, enjoy!

Please add the words: Promo in the checkout box and we will automatically add the free goods your entitled to. We cannot change the free items, we have stocked up on those listed.

Please self deduct your discount when sending payment - ie if you place a £500 order, send us £500 minus 20%, which = £400 GBP. Please follow checkout instructions very carefully!!

For customers past, present and for possible future customers, please see the brief points below, then please look above ^^^ and click the ***READ BEFORE YOU ORDER*** tab.

  • We ship from the UK, to any destination in the world, with discretion and security assured.
  • We operate a one time only reship policy, please see the before you order tab for more info.
  • Free shipping is applied to orders above £250 GBP.
  • Flat rate shipping is £8 GBP, regardless of order size, or the number of packs we need to send!
  • We continue to have NO MINIMUM order!

Note, our email address is: gc@noble-laboratories.co - please see the before you order tab above regarding response times etc.

Please leave us a review on Eroids! Our reviews have all had to start from scratch, so anyone that has reviewed before, we would sincerely appreciate another review and where possible, a VOTE too:


And if we can be a little cheeky and ask you to also put in a VOTE and a brief review on the lab section of Eroids, by clicking or copying and pasting the following URL:


Thank you to all of our customers past and present - we realise without you, we are nothing and so we thank you for our support and continued business.