Welcome to Noble Laboratories

Welcome to Noble Laboratories!

New WHOLESALE email: Noble@countermail.com – note our old gymchemist one is no longer in use, apologies if you have not had a reply and been emailing the old email, we went OTT on security on the old email and consequently locked ourselves out permanently and the provider has deleted the email now.

We will be opening this retail site with effect 2nd January 2015!! Direct customer sales again!!

Please see our new site: www.noble-laboratories.org for a full update on our company and products.

Can I please ask any customers who have used our products, confirmed purchased via us, or our resellers, to leave us a review here:


Remember to email if you review, and thank you in advance to anyone that does!

Our email:

gc@noble-laboratories.co – general enquiries

Noble@countermail.com – wholesale and payment enquiries

Please see our resellers, listed below:

Muscledevelop.co – currently our main distributor




We have several email only sources who deal with private clients – we cannot and will not disclose their info, but we can confirm if they are a genuine reseller. BEWARE OF SCAMMERS and always check with us first. Email gc@noble-laboratories.co if you require confirmation, however as they have their own clients they should not be spamming or contacting you. Please buy from one of the sites above, so you know your getting a genuine Noble-Labs product.

WANT TO BUY IN BULK? If so, please email noble@countermail.com with the word ‘WHOLESALE’ in the subject field. Please confirm your location (country and county/state is all that is needed) Our minimum order quantity is 70 items. We do not deal with less than this, so please do not email if your not able to meet this. We can cater for large volumes too.

NOTE - please see the tab to the left regarding our oral tab/cap situation, as we have had a few developments, all explained if you click the tab on the left about our orals, or by visiting the news section on our new site noble-laboratories.org

Finally - I wanted to say a massive thank you to all my customers, past, present and future, for your support and business. Without you, I/We, are nothing. Your input and feedback has really helped develop our brand pretty much 'in house' in so much as we listened to what you wanted, and made it. I wish you all the very best in health and happiness.

Noble Laboratories